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At Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic the Osteopaths offer a wide range of Osteopathic Techniques, to people of all ages who live in the greater Geelong or Barwon Heads area


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10 Good Reasons to see an Osteopath


    • You might not have to live with your current pain and discomfort!


    • We offer a wide range of different Osteopathic techniques in order to fully optimise individual treatment programmes for patients


    • We are competent in & offer an individual approach to rehabilitation, exercise & training programmes


    • There are no age barriers. We treat babies to senior citizens


    • If we can’t help you we will tell you


    • We do not recommend ongoing prolonged treatment


    • Treatment cost may be covered by Workcover, TAC & DVA. A rebate is available from all major health funds & Medicare (subject to GP referral)


    • We do not just treat the spine or solely use spinal manipulation, we treat the whole body


    • The entire consultation time is spent with an Osteopath


    • Treatment is drug free. Further treatment can reduce the reliance on medication

What conditions do Osteopaths treat?

We treat a wide range of mechanical problems from simple joint strains to more complex problems involving several areas of the body. Treatment techniques vary depending on the person & the particular problem so it is quite safe for all ages from babies to the elderly. At Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic we see patients of all ages with many different problems, from sport, work related or car accident injuries to arthritis & common low back strain. Some typical symptoms that our patients complain of are: pain in or around joints, stiffness and aching.

Some of the common conditions we treat are as follows:


    • Pregnancy related conditions


    • Headaches (Cervicogenic, tension, TMJ headaches, etc.)


    • Jaw pain/ TMJ dysfunction (clicking and popping of the jaw)


    • Migraines


    • Rotator cuff strains/ tears/ tendinopathies  


    • Biceps tendinopathies 


    • General shoulder pain


    • Bursitis 


    • Tennis elbow


    • RSI (repetitive strain injuries) 


    • Golfers elbow


    • Wrist injuries


    • Carpal tunnel syndrome (and other nerve irritations) 


    • RSI (Repetitive strain injuries) 


    • Tingling in the hands 


    • Disc bulges 


    • Disc degeneration/ simple wear and tear 


    • Muscle strains 


    • Lack of motion 


    • ACL/ PCL sprains/ tears 


    • Tendonopathies around the knee 


    • Osteoarthritis of the knee 


    • Meniscus pathologies 


    • Muscle tightness


    • Ankle sprains 


    • Lack of motion 


    • Achilles tendinopathies


    • General foot pains 

Osteopathy treatment for all ages

Osteopathy is appropriate for any age. Whether an elderly client or a newborn. Certain Osteopaths at the clinic have added experience treating babies and young children. To make an appointment for babies or children aged 3 and under, please call the clinic on 5229 8021 (Geelong). 

Treatment for babies and infants

Osteopathic treatment can be utilised to influence the musculo-skeletal aspect of common conditions in babies and young children. These can include:


    • Back & Neck pain


    • Growing Pains


    • Teething or Dental problems


    • Speech problems


    • Ear infections & Glue ear 


    • Headaches


    • Co-ordination problems & Developmental delays


    • Asthma

Specifically, for babies:


    • Colic, Excessive Wind &/or constipation


    • Difficulties with suckling, feeding or a preference to feed from only one breast


    • Baby lying with the head always to one side resulting in Plagiocephaly (flat spots on side or back of head)


    • Continuous crying


    • Stiffness of the neck muscles may be associated with difficulty turning the head in one direction


    • A misshapen head following birth

Types of Techniques


    1. Soft tissue & stretching techniques.
      These work on the soft tissues surrounding joints to relax muscles which are hypertonic (too tight), move tissue fluids (oedema) & release myofascial (fibrous tissue) layers. Sometimes deep pressure (inhibition techniques), similar to shiatsu or trigger point therapy are used to release muscle tension.


    1. Muscle energy technique.
      In this technique, contracted muscles are released by alternately being stretched & made to work against resistance.


    1. Articulation.
      Joints are passively (& usually repeatedly) taken through their range of movement to work on the joints themselves & any surrounding soft tissues e.g. ligaments which may be retracting their movement.


    1. Functional technique.
      This involves gentle movement of joints in a way which identifies & then challenges the barriers to normal movement until the restriction to motion is released & normal joint function is restored.


    1. Manipulation/Mobilisation.
      Involves rapidly moving a joint through a very small range of movement to restore the normal range of motion. This technique is well known for the audible release (crack or pop) that is often produced. Osteopathic manipulation is carried out using minimal force in order to maximise safety & minimise patient discomfort.


    1. Cranio-sacral technique.
      A gentle release technique applied mainly to the skull & sacrum which is particularly suited to young children and the physically frail.


    1. Dry Needling.
      Some of the Osteopaths here use this technique, which is similar to Acupuncture.

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All the Osteopaths at Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic are Government Registered under AHPRA and also belong to our National Association, Osteopathy Australia.

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